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Zen Meditation



Qu’est-ce que le Zen ?

Le mot Zen évoque une variété d'idées dans notre culture. Cela semble exotique. En même temps, "Zen" est couramment utilisé comme adjectif pour décrire une sensation de détente (je me sens vraiment zen après mon massage) ou une compétence qui... Continue Reading →

Flowers Fall Amidst Our Longing* – The Final Teaching of Sei’un An Roshi

Sei'un at Kenshukai in Toronto, August 2014 Roselyn Stone (晴雲庵 Sei’un-an ”Clearing Away the Clouds”) 8 February 1931 – 2 August 2022 I recently came across a note in one of my journals about “staying with a teacher until you... Continue Reading →


When we observe the world, change is everywhere. Flowers bloom and fade. Rain falls and the water seeps away into the ground or a flood sweeps away our houses. We age and wrinkles accumulate where once there were none. New... Continue Reading →

Letting go as an act of compassion

In the previous blog I wrote about the practice of letting go. Letting go is not just a practice;  it is also a means of expressing compassion.  First though, a reminder that letting go is simply the act of releasing... Continue Reading →

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