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Introductory Classes
An Introductory Taste of Zen is a five week meditation program that explores the history of Zen, basics of Zen practice, an introduction to the aims and methods of Zen tradition, instruction on posture and breathing and an opportunity to meditate. Classes are held one evening per week and each 2-hour class begins with instruction followed by periods of sitting meditation (zazen) and finishes with tea and visiting. Periods of sitting meditation last a maximum of 25 minutes interspersed with 5 minutes of walking meditation (kinhin). Over the course of the five weeks each student will have at least one opportunity to meet with the teacher privately to ask questions and discuss concerns.


During the Pandemic An Introductory Taste of Zen will be offered by online by arrangement.   Classes are 1.5-2 hours in length and are generally held weekly.

Course Fee: $90 for one student or $80 each for two or more students to be paid by e-transfer or cheque in advance of the first class. Please make cheque out to Carolyn Seburn.

If the course fee would cause financial hardship please let us know and an accommodation will be made.

To Register: email us at mountainmoonottawa(at) [note: to prevent robo-phishing our email address had been modified to replace the @ with (at). To email us please insert the @ symbol at the appropriate place.]

If you would like to help organize on-demand classes please contact us at the above email address.

Weekly Evening Sits
To participate in weekly evening group meditation email the Mountain Moon Sangha of Ottawa for details at mountainmoonottawa(at)

Lunchtime Meditation practice
During the pandemic, weekly lunchtime meditation practice is offered virtually on Tuesdays at noon. Contact us for details.

The following sessions are currently cancelled: Weekly lunchtime meditation practice is also offered at Place Vincent Massey and Edifice Fontaine, both in Gatineau Quebec. Currently, these sessions are only open to Environment Canada employees.