Mountain Moon Sangha (Ottawa) offers Zen meditation practice to anyone sincerely seeking their own true self, peace of mind or simply a haven from everyday stress. Zen is a meditative practice involving specific disciplines to clarify the mind and open the eye to a more intimate experience of existence. Individuals from all levels of experience are welcome as are those of all backgrounds, religions, cultures, or genders. For more on choosing to mediate read this.

Carolyn Seburn is an authorized Zen Teacher in the Mountain Moon lineage (see: About the Teacher) within the Sanbozen tradition. Carolyn periodically offers An Introductory Taste of Zen – a series of five weekly classes that provide information on the basics of Zen practice and include an introduction to the aims and methods of the Zen tradition as well as assistance with posture and breathing and a practical component. Those interested in pursuing the practice of Zen also have an opportunity to sit under Carolyn’s guidance on a weekly basis.

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An Introductory Taste of Zen is offered on demand. The next offering is a virtual class starting late winter 2022. Follow our Facebook page to be notified of dates. Weekly meditation practice is also available Monday evenings. For more information see: Programs or email the teacher to register.

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