About the teacher

Zen teacher Carolyn Seburn is an authorized Dharma successor of Roselyn Stone (Sei’un An) Rôshi of the Mountain Moon Sangha (Toronto and Brisbane). She has been practicing Zen meditation since 1985 and guiding Zen practice since 2015. Married, with one offspring, Carolyn is also a biologist and public servant who focuses on wildlife conservation.

Carolyn has also been appointed as an assistant teacher with Sanbo Zen International. The Mountain Moon Sangha of Ottawa abides by the Code of Conduct for Sanbo Zen International.
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About Mountain Moon SanghaSei'un

Sei’un An Rôshi was formally authorized in the Sanbo Zen lineage in 1985 by Ko’un Yamada Rôshi. The teaching name Sei’un An means “clearing away the clouds”.

Mountain Moon Sangha was founded by Sei’un An Rôshi in 1993 in Brisbane Australia and 1994 in Toronto Canada’. Sei’un An is now retired from teaching and resides in Toronto.

The Mountain Moon Sangha of Ottawa is affiliated with :

Mountain Moon Sangha of Brisbane – http://www.mountainmoon.org.au/

Sun Mountain Zen Brisbane – http://sunmountainzen.org.au/

Moonlit Crane Zendo / Northern Lights Sangha of Manitoulin Island, Canada – https://northernlightssangha.wordpress.com/