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Zen Meditation



The Moment Between

When we pay attention to our breath, we discover that there is a moment between the end of one breath and the beginning of the next when the breath is not moving. The rib-cage is still. The mind is still.... Continue Reading →

The Sitting Zendo

We think that when we practice Zen, we start by entering a Zendo. First, we remove our shoes. Then we gassho and bow to the butsudan, enter and take our place at our cushion. At home, in these COVID times,... Continue Reading →

Letting go as freedom

This is part three in a series that explores what it means to let go. The first part explored the link between the physical act of opening fingers to release what you are holding and the mental act of opening... Continue Reading →

Letting go as an act of compassion

In the previous blog I wrote about the practice of letting go. Letting go is not just a practice;  it is also a means of expressing compassion.  First though, a reminder that letting go is simply the act of releasing... Continue Reading →

Letting Go

Don’t sweat it. Just let it go. It’s not that important. Has anyone ever said that to you? Sure, and probably you’ve also said it to others. Usually when someone tells you “just let go” it’s the last thing you... Continue Reading →

What is Zen?

The word Zen conjures up a variety of ideas in our culture. It sounds exotic, yet at the same time “Zen” is commonly used as an adjective to describe feeling relaxed (I’m feeling really zen after my massage) or a... Continue Reading →

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